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Stephanie Devine

Owner  |  Designer  |  Baker

I love to create:

  • The perfect ambience
  • Memorable events and loads of laughter
  • Custom cakes and themed desserts
  • Themed parties
  • Costumes
  • Innovative displays, props and decorations
  • Quality, handmade desserts

 About Me

I love to create. Wait, I mean…I LIVE  to create!

I am constantly in pursuit of fabricating any kind of tangible good. From desserts and party decorations to home décor and costumes, nothing is off limits for my boundless imagination!

I was blessed to be born into an enormously talented (and enormous in general)  family who exposed me to cooking, baking, building and crafting at a very early age.  These activities became synonymous for family events and quality time; two things at the heart of everything I do. My constant peaked curiosity and creativity led to an education in science and a career in Human Resources in the biotechnology industry here in the Bay Area. Both my work in the biotech industry and my creative personal time use my resourcefulness and imagination in new and different ways; however, baking and crafting are truly my security blanket and happiness in life. After the birth of my niece and nephew a decade ago, my life was suddenly brimming with opportunities to design themed birthdays, bake fun cakes, make kid-friendly crafts and generally, create fun and lasting memories…all of which have lead me to where I am today!

A splash of sweat equity, a dash of creativity and a dose of fun are my key ingredients for creating the right ambience for your event. Every baked good and every last detail are shaped by my analytical and out-of-the-box thinking. I love developing solutions for my clients, no matter the limitations I face. Let me share my passion and talent to create beautiful memories for you!

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